WITHIELL families were living in Perranzabuloe from the beginning of the 17th century but it hasn't been possible to prove links and relationships between all Withiels in the parish. Spelling of the surname was inconsistent.

These are the earliest families so far found 

  • George Withiall had two sons baptised, George in 1614 and Robert in 1615.
  • John Withiall had a son John baptised in 1615. In 1613 John sen. had been reported at the Visitations of St Agnes, Perranzabuloe for not making a rate for the parish re the charges about reparation in the church. The case was dismissed because it had been complied with. 
  • Philipp Withiell whose daughter Christabel was baptised in 1629. 


The Cornwall Protestation Return of 1641 lists Philip Withiell and Robert Withiell, as resident in Perranzabuloe.

Between 1662 and 1664 a further survey of house occupiers which listed the number of hearths for taxation purposes, found three householders in Perranzabuloe with this surname. Philip Withell had 1 hearth, Robert Wythell had 2 hearths. Luke Withell was listed as occupying a house with 4 hearths but the collector noted Luke 'is very poor and can badly pay for one'.

By the early 18th century some families had acquired more land. George Withiell gent. was living at Calestock Veor and on 27 July 1711 he negotiated a further lease of this property. He was buried on 7 April 1716 at Perranzabuloe. Michael Withiel gent. also appears to have owned property and on 29 September 1708 he signed an Indenture with Sir William Scawers for a further tenement in Callestack. This was for the term of three lives - himself, his wife Joan and Thomas son of Thomas. During the next 20 years Michael and Thomas Withiell signed further leases involving Callestock in which the Earl of Radnor reserved rights regarding timber and tin and also the right to hawk, hunt, fish and fowl.

There were some "hiccups". The Quarter Session Order Books for April 1774 to April 1785, records the following:- Application by Perranzabuloe concerning female bastard child born 9 June 1782 to Elizabeth Rickard, single woman; putative father Robert Withiel of Perranzabuloe: maintenance and lying-in costs awarded. Robert later married Ann Johns. 

Families from Perranzabuloe have been traced to Gerrans, Mullion and Illogan in the south east of Cornwall and also to the United States. However one family had acquired the 45 acre farm Polgoda and this was their home until at least 1901 as shown by census records. In 1901 the farm was being run by Hannah Withiell widow age 65 and her unmarried children, John 37 and Carrie 32. Hannah died in 1908 and was buried at Mullion. Shortly after her death, the two children found partners and were married. They also moved to Mullion where John died in 1949.